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Supporter Spotlight – Horst Pharmacy

One of the many reasons that the Jackson Web has moved to a blog format was to offer more coverage for the supporters, our local businesses. This is the first post in a series to spotlight our supporters.

Horst Pharmacy
Your Compounding Specialist
“We solve medication problems”

Horst Pharmacy has been located in Jackson, Missouri for 31 years. Owner and pharmacist Steve Horst has been actively involved in the community for even longer. We love being in Jackson and really getting to know our customers. We see several Jackson business owners and employees in our shop every day and enjoy working with them knowing that dollars are being dispersed into our very own community.

Mission statement: Horst Pharmacy is dedicated to providing the very best care to its customers through exemplary, efficient services and the highest quality, most effective products.

We not only provide OTC and prescription medications, but we also provide a more specialized care called compounding. Compounding is the method of preparing medications to meet the unique needs of each patient and healthcare provider. It is achieved through an essential triad relationship–patient, prescriber, and pharmacist, and is regulated by state boards of pharmacy. The healthcare provider first prescribes the medication, then the pharmacist takes the necessary ingredients, compounds them and dispenses the medicine to the patient after a thorough consultation. This enables patients to receive the type of personalized care they deserve and allows us to provide superior, patient-oriented services.
Horst Pharmacy can change dosage forms and strengths; eliminate preservatives, dyes and fillers; change flavors; and prepare discontinued products to fit medication needs.

We are happy to provide this service to Jackson residents as well as counties all over Missouri.

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